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Poznań is a town steeped in history, as it was the first capital of Poland and the birthplace of the Polish nation. Today it is a diverse and vibrant town, with much to keep the traveller occupied. It has a stunningly rejuvenated renaissance old town, destroyed during World War II and then rebuilt. It also has thriving night-life and fascinating museums.


Tey Hostel

The location of the hostel is great. Not only because of its location in the center near the Old Market, but also because of the historic Świętosławska street where the hostel is located, one of the most beautiful streets in Poznan. The hostel is also very close to bars and to the city center and the staff are friendly and helpful and are happy to give you directions around the city.

Poco Loco Hostel

Great little hostel. Clean, comfy and has everything you need. Atmosphere a bit lacking mostly because there is no bar and no emphasis on guests getting to know each other. The staff were pleasant enough and happy to help if you ask. Great place if you want to chill and explore Poznan alone. About 10 minute walk to town square.

Sights and Highlights

Free Walking Tour

Joining a free walking tour is always a great first activity in a new city. Freewalkingtour.com run a tour of the Old Town of Poznań. The tour is run every day of the week at 11:45am in summer but only on weekends in winter. They also run a Freedom Tour on weekends, but only during summer. The meeting point for the tours is in front of the old Poznan town hall.

Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island)

There are a plethora of beautiful churches to check out in Poznan. The gem of the Old Town is the Fara Church (St. Stanislaus’ Church) however the Cathedral Basilica of St Peter and Paul is the beating heart of Poznan. This site is connected not only with the founding of the city of Poznań, but with the very birth of the Polish nation. The island has a couple of interesting museums. A decent guide to visiting the area can be found at inyourpocket.com/poznan/Ostrow-Tumski.

Bazylika archikatedralna Świętych Apostołów Piotra i Pawła

To Eat

Polish Milk Bars

Polish milk bars (Bar mleczny in polish) are cafeterias that offer cheap meals. They are historically very popular with students as they offer very affordable yet fulfilling meals. You have the following options in Poznan; Apetyt, Pod Arkadami, Przysmak and Bar Caritas. All are located centrally. I wouldn't worry about being too selective, the service and quality of food is going to be similar at all of them. Just find the closest one to wherever your accommodation is.

For Drinking


With more than 150 different brands of Polish beer, Basilium is an amazing bar located in one of the small streets that leading out of the town centre. There is a phenomenal variety of beers availalbe here with traditional polish styles, some trendy fruity IPA's and, also, some really unique flavours like garlic and pepper beer.


The beer in Brovaria comes from the only restaurant-brewery in Poznań, and it is made in three unpasteurised variants: wheat, honey and pils. The best place to sit is in the spacious beer hall. There, with an atmosphere resembling the best Oktoberfest, you will find bright lights, plenty of space and copper gleam of the beer vats. If you would like to enjoy your cold one in more relaxed space, you are welcome to explore the brick cellars, with their dimmed lights and quieter music, allowing you the perfect getaway from the daily bustle. In the summer, Brovaria also offers a spacious beer garden.

Pivna Stopa Craft Beer Pub

My favourite place in Poznan. If you like beer than this is the bar for you. They have very knowledgeable staff to guide you through their beer menu. Choose from a dozen beers on tap plus and the well stocked bottle fridge containing approx 200 bottled beer varieties. Best craft beer pub in Poznan by far. Try some of their hotdogs as well!



The two bus options for making the journey to Berlin are with Polskibus.com or Flixbus.com. In most cases Polskibus is the cheaper option, however there are the odd bargain available on Flixbus if booking in advance (12€). Journey time is 4hrs. By taking the train you will cut at least an hour of that trip. But unless you can find a cheap 'savings' ticket on bahn.com I would not bother.


There are bus routes between Poznan and Warsaw operated by both Polskibus.com and LuxExpress.eu for similar prices (7€) and journey times (5hrs). Polskibus operate three trips a day while LuxEpress only one. You can also buy train tickets at at intercity.pl/en/. You will save at least a few hours by taking a train, but it also costs a lot more. The sweet spot is probably taking one of the 3 hour trains which you can find for about 15€.


Wroclaw and Poznan are very well connected by train. Most train journeys only take 2hrs 10mins and tickets are about 7€. At that price and speed I wouldn't bother with a bus. Purchase tickets at intercity.pl/en.


Trains to Gdańsk can also be purchased at intercity.pl/en/. Tickets are around 11€ if booked in advance but closer to 20€ when booked on the day. The fastest train journey is 2hrs 54mins. A bus journey with Polskibus will again cost around 6€ but the journey will take right on 5 hours, 2 hours more than the train.

(Header image Wrocław by Klearchos Kapoutsis under CC BY 2.0)

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