Greece Backpacking Travel Guide

Information on hostels, transportation, cheap food and drinks, sights to see, activities and more.

Greece is a country in Southern Europe, on the southernmost tip of the Balkan peninsula, with extensive coastlines and islands in the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas. It shares borders in the north with Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. It has an ancient culture that has had a significant influence on the arts, language, philosophy, politics, and sports of western society. Furthermore it’s a geographically appealing place to visit, with a mountainous mainland and idyllic island beaches.



The Meteora in Greece
Trikala and the Meteora - Trikala is a lovely city in central mainland Greece. The highlight of Trikala is the Meteora. The Meteora is a series towering rock pinnacles topped with monasteries [...]

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