Jajce Backpacking Travel Guide

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Backpacking Jajce

Jajce is a beautiful town in western Bosnia and Herzegovina conveniently located on a route between Sarajevo and Zagreb. There is a fantastic hostel in town and some great day trips available. It is a city that boasts strong historical importance, a beautiful townscape, archeological remains and a natural beauty that all combine to make Jajce a very worthwhile stop.


Jajce Youth Hostel

There is only one hostel in town, thankfully its awesome. Located a short walk from the bus station. Lovely owners, a nice homely feel and a good spot to start the short hike down to the Pliva lakes and water mills. Book Jajce Youth Hostel here!

Sights and Highlights

Pliva Waterfall

A huge 22m waterfall right in the middle of town. It is pretty hard to miss and I think you can even see it from the bus as you make your way into town. Pliva Waterfall makes for some great photo opportunities, especially if you bring a long a small portable tripod and set some long exposure times.

Jajce vodopad

Pliva Lakes and Watermills

The Pliva Lakes are located up stream on the river that runs through the town of Jajce. It is a pleasant 3km walk to reach the lakes from the town. Ask the staff at Jajce Youth Hostel for directions. Make sure you take a few bottles of wine, a picnic, some bathers and a camera. Spend a day lounging about under the trees on the banks of the lakes drinking wine and playing cards, recovering for the next leg of your travels.




Everything is walking distance from the centre of town. The walk out to the Pliva Lake and Watermills is quite pleasant. Ask the at the hostel for directions.

Getting In and Out

There are buses available to get to/from Sarajevo, Zagreb and also Mostar. Buy tickets from the bus station in town. A bus schedule for Jajce bus station can be found at autobusni-kolodvor.com. Note that to reach Mostar you need to catch the Čapljina-Zagreb bus as it passes through Jajce.

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