Zadar Backpacking Travel Guide

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Backpacking Zadar

Zadar is a very picturesque, sunny, beachy city on the coast of Croatia. It is one of three very popular backpacking destinations on the Croatian coast along with Split and Dubrovnik.


The Drunken Monkey Hostel

This hostel is located about one kilometre away from the old town but it more than makes up for this very slight inconvenience (the walk into the old town is quite pleasant) by being an exceptional hostel in every other aspect. They offer very large common areas to hang out in and meet other travellers as well as providing a bar area for everyone to meet up in and be generally merry together. Sun lounges and bean bags make this the perfect hostel to unwind in for a few days if you need to recharge a little. It is located very close to both the bus station and the beachfront. They have a sister hostel called the Lazy Monkey Hostel which could also be considered if this hostel is full. Book the Drunken Monkey Hostel here!

Tequila Bar Hostel

Don’t let the name deceive you, while they do serve Tequila in the bar, mostly this is just a regular hostel and the name is just a bit of marketing. Aside from the name, this location is located inside the old town and very close to the action making this one of the best places to stay if this is the location you are after. It doesn’t boast the communal spaces of either of the Monkey Hostels, but when you are located inside the old town of Zadar, this is to be expected. Book Tequila Hostel here!

Sights and Highlights

The Beach

Zadar is very beachy city with beaches available for swimming and sub bathing nearly the entire length of the coast line. If you are here in the summer time, than hanging out along the beaches, drinking in cafes and pubs is probably what you will spend most of your time doing. Its why people come here.

Walk Around the Old Town

There is a lot of history to soak up in Zadar. The ruins of the Roman Forum date back to the 3rd century and there are dozens of other sites (mostly churches) that span the last 1000 years including the University of Zadar that dates back to 1396.

To Eat


Zadar was for several centuries ruled over by the Republic of Venice and following this, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During the interwar period, Zadar was occupied by Italy. Following WW2, Zadar became a part of Yugoslavia. The Italians left, but the pizza stayed! There are many pizza places around Zadar that will sell you cheap and delicious pizza by the slice.

For Drinking

Kovačka Ulica

This is a street located close to Sveučilište u Zadru (University of Zadar) that has an abundance of small bars, perfect for impromptu bar crawls or general bar hopping. The proximity to the University guarantees a younger crowd and some cheaper prices.



Walking is the best way to get around Zadar, however there are frequent local buses as well. You should always buy a ticket for these buses and remember that they stop running at midnight.

Getting In and Out

The most likely places to visit after Zadar are Zagreb or Split. There are frequent buses to both these locations available from the bus station. For a full list of bus timetables visit or

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