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Some travellers landing in Iceland may only have a few days during a stopover. Others will be planning a ‘ring road’ trip around the entire country. No matter the length of time you have and your level of ambition, Iceland is an incredible place and there is an itinerary to suit your length of stay. It is recommended that you loosely follow one of the three itineraries below based on the time you have available.

Reykjavík and Surrounds (2-3days)

If you only have 2 or 3 days available, try to split your time between Reykjavík and also the country side in and around the capital. Reykjavík is a beautiful city and has a lovely warmth about it even in the middle of winter. However it is the unique natural beauty found on the Golden Circle tourist route nearby that makes Iceland truly memorable.

South West Iceland (4-8 days)

If you have more than just 3 days you have enough time to explore not only Reykjavik and the Golden Circle, but also the south or west coasts of Iceland and even both. Together, they make an ideal trip for someone with 4-8 days up their sleeve. Check out information on the following pages.

Ring Road Trip (9+ days)

Route 1 is the main intercity and inter regional highway in Iceland and forms a ring around the exterior of the country connecting the major cities and towns. The total length of the highway is 1,332 kilometres (828 mi). There is plenty to see the entire length of the journey so give yourself 10 days or more to complete the trip. The road is kept open almost all year but it is still advisable to have several days of contingency if attempting the trip in winter due to possible road closures during heavy snow.


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