Kosovo Backpacking Travel Guide

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Backpacking Kosovo

A land locked country sandwiched between Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. A beautiful country to visit with very friendly people. Kosovo is off the beaten track for most tourists but is growing rapidly as a backpacking destination mostly due to the youthful exuberance of its capital, Pristina.

My highlights of Kosovo including drinking the best coffee anywhere in Europe from the the dozens of small cafes lining the streets of Pristina and the good times partying with the friends at Buffalo Backpackers in Pristina.

Crossing the Serbian Border

At the moment, it is not possible to enter Serbia from Kosovo unless you previously entered Kosovo from Serbia. In other words, you need to already have obtained a Serbian passport stamp. In order to visit Serbia from Kosovo without a prior Serbian stamp, you will need to backtrack to Macedonia first and then cross the Macedonian-Serbian border to receive you Serbian passport stamp. Its a small inconvenience that will add a few hours onto your trip into Serbia from Kosovo. For up date information I recommend the UK Government Travel Advice as the best source.

Kosovo City Guides

National Library in Pristina, Kosovo
Pristina - Pristina is a very young and vibrant city in what is now the 2nd youngest country in the world. Pristina has a very strong cafe culture and the streets of central Pristina seem to be constantly buzzing with young people sipping macchiatos and chatting in between university lectures [...]
Prizren - Prizren is both the second largest city in Kosovo and also a popular destination for backpackers travelling through the area. Prizren feels less cosmopolitan than the capital Pristina and a little more traditional [...]

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