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About Albania

Albania has a beautiful coastline on the Adriatic, every bit as beautiful as that found in Croatia, although without all the tourists. Albania is the kind of country that you really want to visit within the next 5 years before the mainstream tourists realise what the backpackers have been keeping for themselves!

My Albanian favourites include the Valbonë to Theth hike in the north, the capital Tirana, and the incredible Blue Eye near Sarandë. Browse through the city guides below and you will find my favourite hostels, places to eat and drink, sights to see and transport options.

City Guides

Tirana - Tirana is a beautiful and charming city, where the laid back small town feeling is intertwined with a lively night life. Where old school Albania meets the modernised version. Unpaved streets full of expensive European cars [...]
Berat - The town of Berat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, protected due to its very well preserved Ottoman style architecture and townscape. The beautiful city of Berat is known as the “town of a thousand windows”.
Sarandë - Sarandë, is a small town situated on a beautiful horseshoe bay between the mountains and the Ionian Sea. Located opposite the Greek island of Corfu, Saranda is characterized by a Mediterranean climate and warm sea waters and typically has over 300 sunny days a year.
Shkodër - Shkodër is a small city in north west Albania, close to Montenegro. It is often the first stop for travellers entering Albania from the north. Shkodër has a selection of very nice hostels that exhibit that incredible level of hospitality [...]

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    rough Reply June 13, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    During my first trip to Albania I hitchhiked and took the bus everywhere, but this time I wanted to be able to stop at all the hidden spots I saw from the road, so we rented a car in Tirana for a week.

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