At Home She’s A Tourist

I’ve worked in UK politics for most of my 20s, a job that I really appreciated having the opportunity to “do good”. It evolved dramatically over the years, starting with fielding emails about dog-shit and wheelie bins and more recently as an adviser on international development. There was a change in the political landscape, much the way a tornado changes the landscape, and suddenly I was unemployed. There was only one way it was ever going to go… Time to dust off the backpack.

My Previous Posts

Nepal’s New Pals

As mentioned previously, when I was 23 I went traveling in Central America myself for three months. It was a last-minute trip and I didn’t really know what or where I should be. I never got over the social anxiety everyone feels at first when trying to make friends on the road or in a […]

Pokhara and Nepolitics

The journey from Varanasi to the border to Pokhara was like something from Monty Python. When I asked how long the bus would take (after the train and four hours in the world’s oldest jeep) we were told “maybe six hours, maybe 12, depends if the driver stops for a sleep”. The 24 hour mission […]

Trains, transport and Jaipur

After my whistle stop tour of Delhi and a few hours sleep, I was heading to Jaipur, the Pink City, painted so to represent the colour of hospitality. Usually I stay in hostels and use public transport, however my friends had spent an entire day trying to source train tickets, and in the end had to […]

Here goes nothing…

I’ve ambitiously, and most likely prematurely, titled this document “Blog”. Only one sentence in and I’m already misleading the two potential readers, my Dad and some girl I used to go to school with who is trying to pass her lunch hour. As a habitual over-sharer […]

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