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Yazd is a desert city in central Iran and an ancient city dating back to the Sassanian Period. Yazd is the driest major city in Iran, with an average annual rainfall of only 60 millimetres and summer temperatures regularly over 40°C. The major attractions here are outside the city. These include Kharanaq, Chak-Chak and Meybod.

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Shiraz was my favourite city Iran (big call I know!). The Pink Mosque was just beautiful and I got quite lucky with lighting and got some great photos. The Shah Cheragh Shrine was a complete surprise to me and really blew me away with its stunning architecture and brightly coloured mosaics. Throw in a day trip to Persepolis and you have an extremely enjoyable few days of travel.

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Isfahan is often mentioned as ‘one of the most beautiful cities in the world’. When you arrive it is immediately obvious to see why. The first place most other visitors head to in Isfahan is the Naqsh-e Jahan Square. It is located very close to the centre of the city and it is home to the Isfahan Grand Bazaar as well as the famous Shah Mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.

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Kashan sits in between Tehran and Isfahan. If you have the time to spare, a few days in Kashan is definitely worth it. There are some lovely old traditional houses and a beautiful bazaar. In Kashan you can also visit the Fin Gardens, an oasis sandwiched between the mountains and deserts of Iran.

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Tehran is a cosmopolitan city, with great museums, parks, restaurants and warm friendly people. Tehran was described to me by a local as a city that never sleeps, and one where you can get whatever you want and be whoever you want. In a country like Iran, where freedoms are often limited, the attraction becomes obvious.

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The Alhambra alone makes Granada a city worth visiting. It also has a lively student-driven nightlife and some of the best tapas culture I have seen in Spain. They are the type that serve the tapas dishes for free with each drink purchased. Great for a budget traveller.

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Cordoba boasts a remarkable history. It has been the capital of a Roman province, the capital of an Arab State and a Caliphate, as well as city within modern Spain. This history is plain to see in the historic quarter around the Mezquita and the adjacent Roman bridge […]

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Reykjavík Skyline


Reykjavík is a beautiful and charming city that has a small town vibe to it, despite it being the capital of the country. Reykjavík can be a really fun city, especially over the weekend when the downtown area turns into a gigantic all night party […]

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Seville was founded as the Roman city of Hispalis and later came under the jurisdiction of the Caliphate of Córdoba. The period of Islamic rule in Andalucia has left an indelible mark on the region and the Alcazar in Seville offers amazing insight into that period […]

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Jumping from the Stari Most

If you have travelled through the Balkans at all, there is a good chance you visited Mostar. If you visited Mostar, there is no way you didn’t see the Stari Most and saw either some nutbag traveller or some entrepreneurial local jumping from it […]

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