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The Alhambra alone makes Granada a city worth visiting. It also has a lively student-driven nightlife and some of the best tapas culture I have seen in Spain. They are the type that serve the tapas dishes for free with each drink purchased. Great for a budget traveller.

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Cordoba boasts a remarkable history. It has been the capital of a Roman province, the capital of an Arab State and a Caliphate, as well as city within modern Spain. This history is plain to see in the historic quarter around the Mezquita and the adjacent Roman bridge […]

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Backpacking Spain Spain has a lot to offer the budget backpacker boasting beautifully warm weather for the majority of the year. Even the winters is Spain require little more than a fleecy jumper to get you through. Madrid and Spain are two very popular cities to visit. Spectacular monuments and museums, delicious Spanish cuisine and nightlife […]

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Seville was founded as the Roman city of Hispalis and later came under the jurisdiction of the Caliphate of Córdoba. The period of Islamic rule in Andalucia has left an indelible mark on the region and the Alcazar in Seville offers amazing insight into that period […]

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Madrid is a city with an impressive cultural and architectural heritage, absolutely world-class art galleries and museums and fantastic food and nightlife. I really enjoy Madrid, it’s always my first stop when visiting Spain […]

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