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National Library in Pristina, Kosovo


A land locked country sandwiched between Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. A beautiful country to visit off the beaten track for most tourists but is growing rapidly as a backpacking destination.

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Belgrade, Serbia


Serbia is one of the six countries forming the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The capital, Belgrade, was also the capital of the former Yugoslavia and has a very rich history. Famous for its excellent nightlife.

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The Republic of Macedonia boasts a natural paradise of mountains, lakes and rivers, amidst rich historical ruins and idyllic villages. Macedonia represents the Balkans in the truest sense and a fascinating mix of cultural influences.

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Bosnia is a mostly landlocked country with and has borders with Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Bosnia is a country still striving to recover from Balkan conflicts of ’90s. But it is a wonderful destination for backpackers.

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Croatia in on the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia has some beautiful sights to visit and some stunning coastline making it a very popular destination during the summer months. A backpackers dream.

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Waterfall in Iceland


Some travellers landing in Iceland may only have a few days during a stopover. Others will be planning a ‘ring road’ trip around the entire country. No matter the length of time you have and your level of ambition, Iceland is an incredible place […]

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