Poland Backpacking Travel Guide

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I really enjoyed my time backpacking through Poland. Many travellers will duck into Poland briefly to visit the extremely popular Krakow as part of a trip through Central Europe, but the country deserves more than this. Gdansk up in the north of the country has a beautiful old town at it's core, as do the cities Poznan and Wroclaw in the west of the country. The capital Warsaw is another somewhat surprisingly underrated travel destination that is full of interesting bars, cafes and another beautifully rebuilt old town.



Warsaw, the capital of Poland, was almost completely razed during WW2. A huge post-war rebuilding effort was then undertaken by the remaining residents and today Warsaw is the EU's ninth most populous city and fund and lively city to visit [...]


Gdańsk is a very beautiful city with a Flemish/Dutch architecture style. Gdańsk is known as the birthplace of Solidarity, the labour and democracy movement that was pivotal in bringing down the fall of the the Communist regimes of the former Soviet bloc [...]


Kraków is one of the most popular destinations in Central Europe. It is a city rich in culture with recorded history dating back thousands of years. It has excellent nightlife and is much cheaper than comparable travel destinations in Western Europe [...]


Poznań is steeped in history. It was the first capital of Poland and the birthplace of the Polish nation. Today it is a diverse and vibrant town, with much to keep the traveller occupied. It has a stunningly renaissance old town and a thriving night-life [...]


Wrocław is the historic capital of Silesia and has changed hands repeatedly over the centuries. In 1945 the city became a part of Poland as the borders were re-drawn after WW2. Since the end of the Communist regime in 1989 it has been wonderfully restored and can now [...]

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