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Should you travel to Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. The city that straddles the Bosphorus consistently ranks at the top of travel popularity rankings. The reasons for this are obvious. Its documented history dates back to the founding of the Greek city of Byzantium in 657 BC. In 330 AD the Roman […]

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Making travel friends in Greece.

6 Steps to Making Friends on the Road

Solo travelling does not mean travelling on your own. Solo travel does not mean dealing with feelings of loneliness. Rather, it just means that you travel without the friends and family you are leaving at home. In reality, solo travelling can be some of the most social times of your life. I don’t think there is […]

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How to Pack a Travel Backpack

I am about to head off to Sri Lanka and a few other countries in Southeast Asia. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what I put in both my backpack and my daypack. Sri Lanka is a tropical climate so I can afford to pack fairly light. I won’t be needing […]

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